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If you are looking for someone to help you with the cause of your TMJ, headaches, and sleep problems and you want treatment without drugs, you should see Dr. Perkins. He has developed unique and very successful ways to diagnose and treat TMJ problems, headaches and sleep disorders. No other doctor has higher success rate because of the system of treating the cause of many health problems, such as acid reflux, depression, fibromyalgia, neck and back aches, or even teeth grinding. Most of Dr. Perkins’ patients would say his specialized treatment has been life-changing. His approach is also unique because of his personal experience and he knows exactly what his patients are going through.

We specialize in cutting-edge treatment options for TMJ problems, headaches, migraines, and most sleep disorders. The bottom line is overall improvement in health and prevention of future diseases such as acid reflux, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. In young children we might prevent ADD,ADHD, and other cognitive problems. Dr Perkins is one of the few people who recognizes sleep disorders in children and has been treating young children with these problems for 40 years.The earlier sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated, the less serious health symptoms will develop in the child’s future. Sleep disorders cannot be cured, they must be managed from childhood for proper growth and development. One very important factor for children with sleep problems is removal of tonsils and adenoids by age three if possible.

At your first appointment you will receive a comprehensive exam, including an evaluation of your teeth, your bite, your TMJ (jaw joint), and any possible sleep disorder. Dr Perkins will explain treatment and the long term benefits to you or your child’s health. Be sure to take the TMJ survey and Sleep Disorders survey and Dr. Perkins will call you.

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Patient Testimonials



Sleep Apnea Adults

Dr. Ron Perkins is also a sleep apnea specialist. He has redesigned a very effective TAP® Appliance and reduced many side effects such as bite changes and unwanted teeth movement. Visit his web site, at...

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Sleep Apnea Children

If your child is a restless sleeper, snores or is a heavy breather or is just tired all the time, he or she may have sleep apnea or some other type of sleep disorder. Children with sleep disorders do not wake up rested and often tend to be...

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TMJ and Headaches

Many headaches are created by night time clenching or grinding and are directly related to small muscles involved with the TMJ (jaw joint). Having a good bite or wearing a night guard or splint can help a little, but does not really solve the...

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Dr Perkins has had remarkable success in drastically reducing serious headaches and migraines with his specialized TMJ Balanced Oral Appliance. His basic technique of treatment by symptoms has shown a 14 year success rate...

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